A few words on my work...

I have always been completely fascinated by the inner workings and strange behaviour of the human animal. A beautiful animal. A horrible animal. A funny animal.

A somehow always lonely animal.


It is my ambition to extend, to expand, to enhance, to empower the human body. Through this physical expansion, a mental expansion is facilitated – new ways of expressing yourself, new ways of being, of relating. 

My pieces, my extensions, consist of animal-like body parts made from porcelain that are strapped to the body with felt lined leather straps resembling orthoses; external devices used to control or counteract the effectof an actual or developing deformity.

By lending physical shape and energy, mana, from the animal, the mind and body of the wearer is transformed. Is given a brief experience of a new identity. 

But – alas – we are stuck in our own bodies. My wearable pieces promise more than they can keep. Exactly as in the famous fairytale of The Little Mermaid who went through so much pain to be human and yet never were, my pieces hurt. They are beautiful but restricting and pristine but prone to cause bruises. As always – everything comes at a prize – and you are who you are. Irrevocably so.


In this way, my work points to the futility of transhumanism... Transhumanism is an alluring concept: being someone else; prettier, taller, smarter, thick skinned.

But it is impossible.

And maybe that inability is something beautiful. We can do SO,SO much. We can build pyramids, we can fly – but we cannot escape our mortal bodies, that tie us to the ground, to our humanity. We are not gods, after all.


- and YES! They CAN be worn!

It is of the utmost importance to me, that my pieces are honest and well crafted. After all, they strive to deal with serious business. Thus, everything is put forth – there is no cheating and cutting corners. If a piece looks like it can be worn – it can be worn.

If I put in an effort – to me, it is a way of showing the spectators, that I take them seriously. I want to engage people, make them invest their time, thoughts and emotions in my pieces – therefore I myself do the same.


Curriculum Vitae


I was born on the Faroe Islands in may  1979 and live and work in Copenhagen.  

2012 Master of Fine Arts (MFA, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts

2006 Master of Psychology (Cand.Psych.), The University of Copenhagen


Aside from my sculptural work I work as a freelance cartoonist - among others for Weekendavisen.


Grants and residencies:


Artist retreat, Hald Hovedgård, DK


Grant - Statens Kunstfond


Artist retreat, San Cataldo, Scala, IT

Selected Exhibitions:



'Prix Européen des Arts Appliques'

censored group exhibition, WCC-BF

Mons, BEL



’Between us’

group exhibition with the artists association Dansk Folkekunst

The Lviv National Galllery, Lviv, UKR


'Kunstnernes Påskeudstilling'

censored group exhibition

Kunsthuset Annaborg, Hillerød, DK


’Shape Open’

censored group exhibition

The Ecology Pavilion, London, UK




censored group exhibition

Ann Linnemann Gallery, Nyboder, DK



group exhibition with the artists association Dansk Folkekunst

The Eurohíd Foundation and The Hungarian National Museum - Esztergom Castle Museum Rondella Gallery, Budapest, HU



’Det LER’

group exhibition

Ann Linnemann Gallery, Nyboder, DK




group exhibition

The Museum of Koldinghus, Kolding, DK


’Formsprog – Tankespind’

censored group exhibition

Ann Linnemann Gallery, Nyboder, DK



’Betroet Tvivl’

group exhibition

Vejen Art Museum, Vejen, DK


’S K I N’

BKS Garage, København, DK



NEXUS, Aabenraa, DK




solo exhibition in collaboration with Copenhagen Philharmonics

Radiohusets Koncertsal, København, DK


'Afgang 2012'

graduation exhibition, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine ArtsKunsthallen Nikolaj, København, DK



'Konstance Luns Kabinet'

solo exhibition

Q Gallery, København, DK