'The Lost Land', my contribution to TRANSFER, the debut exhibition of the artist association Danish Folk Art (Dansk Folkekunst), Gallery Rondella, Esztergom, Hungary, may 2016


What is it doing there – the teddy bear? On the couch in your living room? You are an adult. You have got a nice job. Maybe you have children. You watch the news and read the paper. Keep yourself informed. And yet there it sits. A bit shabby. The nose is missing.

You would get a sinking feeling, a vacuum in your stomach, if one day it was no longer there. If it was gone. Yet you rarely touch it.


Your connection has been severed. You can no longer reach each other. But you miss that place. The place you went to together. A place of wonder. A place of dragons. A place of pain. A place of joy. You experienced that place together – you survived it together.

The Lost Land.


PROSTHESIS - shown in Ann Linnemann Gallery at the group exhibition Det'Ler (2015), in Shape Open (2017) and Kunstnernes Påskeudstilling (2017).

Prosthesis. Place your right arm in the porcelain paw, tighten and buckle the leather straps - the felt lining will protect the soft skin on your arm. Feel empowered end brave. Enter the world.


Lion paw prosthesis made from cast porcelain, hand sown cuff in leather and felt and steel joints. Can be worn or placed on a shelf, table or in a drawer like any other accessory. Designed to make you feel bold and powerful, thus enabling a space where you can be yourself. Be safe.

This piece explores the 'prosthesis' as a function and an object. The prosthesis is usually meant to cosmetically normalise the wearer and/or restore function. ‘The normal’ is the goal. Yet the wearer will never be ‘normal’. Thus, one could argue, the pursuit of normality actually accentuates the very thing it seeks to minimize; the difference, the not-normal.

This piece provides a different perspective on the prosthesis making it a ‘democratic’ object that can be worn by impaired and non-impaired people alike.  An object that both aesthetically enhances the human body and adds a whole new function - the feeling of power and protection – while at the same time removing the distinction between impaired and non-impaired; within the realm of this piece that distinction it is of no consequence.


ARMOUR - my contribution to the group exhibition Zimmer Frei, Koldinghus, november 2014

Protection suit. Strap the plates carefully on your body starting at the arms and legs, slowly working you way towards the torso. Take care not to snag the skin on your inner thighs. Feel untouchable and protected. Enter the world.


Armour made from cast porcelain plates, handsown leather straps and brass buckles. Can be worn or placed on a hanger like any other piece of clothing. Designed to keep you safe from the thoughts and feelings of other people, thus enabling a space where you can be yourself. Be safe.

S K I N - exhibition in collaboration with artist MFA Mikkel S. Andersen, BKS Garage, juni 2013

Print on metal, porcelain boy and slide projection of a woman nurturing the porcelain boy. Bed in black lacquer, copper lamp and lamb fur. 


PUPAE - solo exhibition - site specific installation, Radiohusets Koncertsal, december of 2012

A thousand hand casted porcelain pupae suspended individually in a large white web of strings. The beautiful old concert hall with its shiny wooden interior resonates with the matte and rough yet fragile pupae, which bring to mind thoughts of transition and decay. A point further illustrated by the fact that the installation was made specifically for a single concert and thus only were visible for three hours.



TORSO / WING / BONE - graduation exhibition, the tower of Nikolaj Church, summer of 2012.

Three smooth white porcelain sculptures suspended in large cylindrical water tanks only lit from below and placed in the darkened tower of an old church. The sculptures evoke thoughts of specimens in formaldehyde thus bringing to mind both death and transcendence like pieces of fallen angels preserved for posterity.